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We are NOT a kitten mill 

We do select breedings for show quality kittens.

My cats DO NOT get bred at every heat cycle so I have just a few litters in a year.

We accept Cash, Zelle and Debit card


How Does the Waiting List Work?

By joining our waitlist, you insure your placement on future litters. Kittens are offered to our waitlist family’s first before being made available to the general public.  To join the list, there is a small non-refundable deposit of $200, that will be applied to the total cost of the kitten you choose.


How do I join?

To get on the waiting list, you first need to complete the kitten application. Once approved, sign the "Waiting List and Deposit Agreement" and pay the non-refundable $200 deposit, we will email you a deposit invoice.

Waiting List Information


How does the Kitten Selection Work?

Once we confirm pregnancy, we will contact all the family’s on our waitlist and provide you with an estimated due date. Once the kittens are born, we will send out initial photos, genders, and colors as well. Official kitten selection will take place when the kittens are 6-8 weeks of age. Once you have selected the kitten of your choosing, the non-refundable $200 of the deposit will be applied to the total purchase price.


What if I do not Want Any of the Available Kittens?

The waiting list deposit will be transferred to the next litter and your name will remain on our list. We allow each family to pass on up to 4 litters before your deposit is forfeited and your name is removed from our list. This is to ensure that someone does not hold the first spot of our list for a long period of time or have individuals that are not committed to getting a kitten. We will announce ahead of time the day you can select a kitten. If we do not get a response for your kitten selection within 12 hours, it will be counted as a pass on the litter.

However, if you have a specific kitten preference (gender, color, breed) and we have a litter born that does not contain what you are looking for, it will not be counted towards your 4 litter passes.


Why is the Deposit Non-Refundable?

We spend an extensive amount of time screening and communicating with potential adopters. A deposit is paid to signify your commitment to getting a kitten from our cattery, as well as reserve a specific kitten for you. Should you back out of getting a kitten, that kitten has missed out on other potential adopters. It also ensures at a minimum, we are compensated for the time we have invested in communicating, creating paperwork, and taking photos and videos for you.

Waitinglist Application

NOTE: After submitting the form, you will receive an automatic reply email. If you do not receive it, please be sure to check the "junk box" in your mailbox! ! !

If you have special questions, we will reply to you again separately.

Thanks for your trust!

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