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We love cats, which starts from childhood. Our parents raised many small animals to accompany us growing up. Since childhood, we and animals have been good friends who depend on each other. In the process of growing up, these small animals brought our family. Endless joy! As an adult, it has also become a good partner for us to relieve work pressure, and every bit of it affects our optimistic and positive attitude towards life. This experience allows us to pass on to the next generation, our three children learned to give in the process of raising cats, which cultivated their self-confidence and sense of responsibility. The 12-year-old daughter is responsible for shoveling several cats every day (the father is responsible for shoveling the kittens, and the mother is responsible for the food and nutrition matching), the 10-year-old boy and the 7-year-old girl occasionally make some toys for the cats to care for the cats, And more importantly, learn how to love.

We ended up choosing the British Shorthair from a wide variety of breeds because he met almost all of our requirements. British Shorthair cats have round eyes, a chubby face, and a strong affinity. They are easy-going and easy to get along with children and other pets, so we have the first, second, and third in our family. down! So it seemed natural that we started doing professional domestic cattery!

We are sorry for the experience that our customers have been hurt by many scam websites, so we deeply understand the real importance of cat kennels, and we are willing to publicly display our family photos, personal phone numbers, the city where we live, and the legal registration certificate of cat kennels , treat each other with sincerity, respect each other, and hope to do our best to gain everyone's trust!


All of our cats are raised with love and care. Because cats and kittens live in the house with us, they are free to play and have maximum comfort! Growing up together in our family, accustomed to playing with children, with stable psychology and excellent temperament.

A nutritious and healthy lifestyle is very important. Our cats and kittens are raised on a high quality raw and dry food diet. We also regularly supply them with 100% pure goat milk. We recognize and encourage all future owners to explore the health benefits of the RAW diet.


We are registered TICA/CFA breeders and follow all TICA, CFA codes of ethics and standards of professional conduct and breed cats in an ethical and scientific manner. We have a partner veterinarian and do annual checkups, blood tests for all cats, and every cat we keep has health insurance.




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