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March 2024: Precious Newborns

Updated: May 8

In this warm spring season, our Happurr family has welcomed another wave of adorable new life!

On March 18th, DouDou gave birth to two adorable kittens, one of which is the rare CY24 color. They are as soft and cute as plush toys, bringing joy to the entire family.

And just a few days later, on March 22nd, Iriska also joined the ranks of newborns, giving birth to three golden gradient kittens. Their fur is warm as gold, emitting a charming glow.

The arrival of these kittens not only adds infinite joy to our home but also reminds us to cherish the beauty of life even more. We look forward to watching them grow up healthy and become part of our family!

Let's send our sincerest blessings to these adorable little lives, wishing them a healthy growth and a happy life!

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